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You are currently browsing our demo WEB site E-Commerce.

With our open-sources "E-Commerce" package, your products are automatically available in HTML Web pages on the Internet.

These examples of HTML pages are designed to help you discover some of the possibilities of e-commerce (Reference price: EFYESHOP):

  • The E-Commerce package can automatically display an Internet web page that contain all the products inputted in your software EasyForYou.
    (If you already have a website, you can (or we can) simply add a button to redirect your customers to the E-Commerce EasyForYou)
  • Show your products on the Internet sorted by (sub-) category of your choice with a simple click on the File menu-> Categories EasyForYou.
  • Display automatically your pictures on the Internet, a small thumbs picture and (or) a high resolutions. Simply by adding it from your File menu-> Products->Picture.
    (EasyForYou will automatically reformat the size of your JPG pictures).
  • Provide your customers a search engine by product code or by keywords contained in the description of your products.
  • Show any level of availability of your stock quantities or simply show "Available:: "Yes" or "No".
  • Show different price levels for your products based on the price level assigned to your customer in your Menu File->Customers from EasyForYou.
  • The Module E-Commerce is a real comfort. It allows your customers to place their orders via the Internet according to their availability.
  • You can optionally limit the amount of orders based on a credit limit imposed in the parameters of your customers.
  • In EasyForYou, you can have a real-time view of the orders placed by your customers since the E-Commerce on the Internet.
  • The E-Commerce package, can be completely customized (fonts, coulours, backgrounds, wallpapers) for seamless integration into your existing site.
  • E-commerce package is written in ASP language and is provided "open source", which makes it possible to customise.
Login for test : TESTEN
Password : 123

CD2 4654 654 654 654 654 654 654 654 654 654 99999
CD2 4654 654 654 654 654 654 654 654 654 654 99999

Stock: Yes
Price (242,00/ATI) 96,80/ATI EUR/ATI Add 1 product


Digital camera Olympus
Digital camera Olympus

Stock: Yes
Price (232,32/ATI) 92,93/ATI EUR/ATI Add 1 product


Digital camera Trust
Digital camera Trust

Stock: Yes
Price (266,20/ATI) 106,48/ATI EUR/ATI Add 1 product