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AR2495000GR Bamboo base x12 58cm dia14cm 4/16 Yes  
PO101002GY Cement pot with soil and hole H:10cm diam:15cm 2/4 Yes  
PO101001GY Cement pot with soil and hole H8cm diam 10cm 6/24 Yes  
PO3110280GYBE Diva round large 45cm grey/beige 1/1 Yes  
PO3116225GYBE Diva round mini large 15cm grey/beige 1/24 Yes  
PO3116225WH Diva round mini large 15cm white 1/24 Yes  
PO510924GR Hanging mossed round basket 25cm 0/36 Yes  
PO510925GR Hanging mossed round basket 30cm 0/24 Yes  
PO3119200BK Icy large 33cm black 1/6 Yes  
PO3119200WH Icy large 33cm white 1/6 Yes  
PO3119206BK Icy small 20cm black 1/12 Yes  
PO3119206WH Icy small 20cm white 1/12 Yes  
PO3119209BK Jupiter large 25cm black 1/6 Yes  
PO3119210BK Jupiter small 17cm black 1/12 Yes  
PO3119210WH Jupiter small 17cm white 1/12 Yes  
PO1180001BR Rounded Scallop Vase 34cm brown Yes  
PO1180001CR Rounded Scallop Vase 34cm cream 1/4 Yes  
PO1180002BR Rounded Scallop Vase 56cm brown 1/2 Yes  
PO1180002CR Rounded Scallop Vase 56cm cream 1/2 Yes  
PO3111500GY Sea shell candle 12cm grey 6/36 Yes  
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